Incubation Center

The incubation center hosts the selected innovation projects by allocating them physical spaces (cubicles) along with the complimentary office facilities and access to all organizational resources, as well as seed capital to help them develop product prototypes and business plans under the supervision of the assigned mentors within 6 months’ timeframe. The innovation projects are shortlisted through biannual “Idea Competitions”. The incubatees are required to team-up with other team members of interdisciplinary backgrounds to ensure a balanced mix of the required set of technical and business skills, and specialized knowledge.

The incubatees participate in a well-designed incubation program. The incubation program runs together with ICE (Innovation, Change & Entrepreneurship) diploma program, which is a unique and state-of-the-art program that is being offered for the first time in the MENA region. The incubation center hosts a limited number of projects (current capacity is 11 projects) in each of its biannual incubation cycle of six months. By the end of each incubation cycle, the incubatees develop and present their final prototypes and full-fledged business plans in front of a large audience in Shk. Zayed Auditorium located at Ajman University. Among the audiences, there are potential investors from all over the UAE and other GCC countries, which essentially include individual investors (“business angels”), group of investors (“venture capital” firms), representatives of family businesses (investment portfolio managers of the established families), investment representatives of the local banks, industrial or market players, and public officials – to name a few. After receiving the commitments for the required “venture capital”, the legal agreements are signed under the supervision of AUIC's legal team to pave the path for the commercial launch of the hosted ideas and innovation projects in order to turn the dreams into reality.