AUIC Executive Council

  1. Alaa Saleh

    Events & Startup Projects

  2. Dr. Mohamed AlShami


  3. Dr. Chuloh Jung


  4. Eng. Mohammed Osman Baloola

    Deputy Director

  5. Dr. Muhammad Hanif

    Finance, Budgeting and Internal Auditing

  6. Ms. Pecky Humayun

    Website and Marketing

  7. Dr. Vijay B. Desai

    Idea Competition and Demo-Day Events

  8. Dr. Maria J. Opulencia

    LINK Initiative

  9. Dr. Farah Sarraj

    Liaison for Internal (AU) and External Affairs

  10. Dr. Mustahsan Mir

    Advisor on Incubation Program (Technical)

  11. M. Q. Siddiqui

    Advisor on Incubation Program (Business) and Marketing

  12. Dr. Irfan Ahmad

    Advisor for LINK and Incubation Program (Business)