Design competition

Gulftainer Recycling and Design Competition 

For the best recycle or upcycle design sketch that can be used for the benefit of humanity, greener environment or innovative design.

  • Presentation of ideas and projects  22 April 2018
  • Announcement of winners 26 April 2018

Cash Prizes

  • First place winner 5000  AED
  • Second place winner 3000  AED
  • Third place winner 2000 AED


  • Recycle Materials: rubber tires, drums, paint cans, wire ropes.    
  • Rubber Tire                     2)  Drums                3) Paint Cans                   4)Wire Ropes


Competition concept:

  • Upcycling: Reuse the material where it can be reworked or reconstructed in a number of different ways but the material stays the same.
  • Recycling: Break the material down, then form them into something new.
  • Materials: Old Tire, Ropes, Paint cans, Drums
  • The product should be functional and reusable, can be used for the benefit of social responsibility projects and benefits of humanity.
  • Judging will be according to * Recycling the materials * uniqueness * Functionality



  • Stage One: Present a sketch or graphic banner of the recycling idea on 22nd of April in front of the jury at Ajman University Innovation Center, Sheikh Zayed Building.
  • Stage two: The 3 selected winners will be presented with the raw recyclable materials to turn their idea into a reality (design)
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Rules & Regulations:

Teams can be composed of maximum 5 members

All raw material presented to a member cannot be thrown in the street or so as it will increase pollution but returned to Gulftainer

Each team can present more than one idea, or merge different recyclable materials together in one project