Idea Café

AUIC opens its innovation facilities on the first Thursday of every month from 2 pm to 6 pm to the general public, corporate executives and employees, investors, and public officials to visit AUIC and observe the development of our ongoing projects, and to give you an opportunity to share your creative and innovative ideas with us. For each planned session of the idea café, there will be a lecture arranged for the audience on a topic related to innovation, change, and entrepreneurship. Guest speakers shall also be invited at regular intervals to share their inspirational talks and up-to-date market insights with the public. During the idea café sessions, the audience will be served with refreshments. The purpose of this whole exercise is to engage with the general public and external stakeholders, and to provide a platform for social and professional networking, and idea sharing. To stay informed about the future events and exciting talks, please register your name with your contact details, so we could update you about upcoming events and relevant activities.

Ms. Pecky Humayun (Outreach Coordinator) - Ms. Alaa Saleh (AUIC Secretariat)


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