Autonomous Luggage Cart

Project 1-03 – Autonomous Luggage Cart 

We often notice everyone at the airport, especially elderly and people with special needs facing difficulties in pushing heavy weight cart and carrying many things in their hands, so the airport authorities are providing an assistant to take care of them and providing services in order to get their satisfaction and accommodate their needs. But this solution hasn’t proved to be the best solution as it requires a lot of manpower provided by the airport as well as depriving these people of their independence. The Autonomous Luggage Cart has been developed to follow a specific user in the airport without any manual intervention. With the help of multiple different devices that work coherently to locate the exact position of the user, an indoor tracking system is developed to successfully follow the user keeping a safe distance. It will begin by a lifting mechanism which will make the base of the cart lift up or down based on the users needs to avoid carrying any heavyweight luggage. The cart displays the weight of the luggage once the luggage is loaded on to avoid any interruptions at the check-in counter. In addition, the cart has a security feature which once activated, in cases the user has to leave the cart unattended, the cart will set off an alarm if any unusual activity is happening while the user is away. An alternative option will be added to help the user to place the trolley at the trolleys place after check-in, by controlling the trolley through a mobile application. The tracking system which we have developed can be used in several applications, not only for the airport (e.g. medical applications, shopping carts, etc.). We believe that the project has an impact on the society where it saves users time and ensures a comfortable journey for everyone, as it gives the chance to experience luxury & technology.