Sand Design Plotter Machine

Project 1-11 – Sand Design Plotter Machine 

Sand Design Plotter Machine is a huge plotter machine that draws different designs on the sand with a combination of art and engineering. This plotter can be used to showcase designs and writing at different events, occasions, and celebrations.  People standing around this Sand design plotter (10 x 8 feet in size) can see the different designs and writing being plotted by the machine. These sand designs are not just a source of amusement to viewers, but can also be an interesting introduction to the event, the designs are customizable according to the user's wish. This project is based on CNC technology. Currently, there is no company in the region, which has developed such a machine or could offer this solution. This machine has a very good chance of successful launch in the UAE market, as there are several national and international events being held here throughout the year, and this machine could be used for attractive displays in all these events.

Support Incubatee Sheik Hussain the maker man at his youtube channel, as he is a very talented freelance innovator.