Smart Arm

Project 1-10 – Smart Arm

Human Brain processes data at a speed of 431km/hr. Our thoughts are moving at this speed. What if we could capture these thoughts and use this speed to make movements. In order to help amputees, an artificial hand can be designed that could be controlled by the brain. As we all like to have our gadgets to be wireless, this device connects the hand and mind by Bluetooth. Brain signals are read through a headset. It will be connected to the artificial arm by Bluetooth. These signals will order the artificial arm to move and act as a natural arm. The user only needs to think and the arm will move accordingly. keeping in mind the safety of the user, Smart Arm was made of a material that does not react with or harm the body. The design of the arm can be changed easily as per a person’s requirements, as it is 3D printed and customizable. Furthermore, a small indicator can also be attached to the arm that can warn the person, if he is touching something of high temperature that may damage the arm. The potential users are required to be slightly trained how to effectively and safely use the product.