Smart Medical Bed

Project 1-05 – Smart Medical Bed

The project idea is all about patients with full inability to move – patients who suffer from locked-in syndrome, quadriplegia, paralysis, long-term coma and clinical death, etc. These patients require special care since they cannot move at all, taking care of them includes moving them to the side of their bodies every two or three hours, as well as cleansing them. Currently, these patients are laying on a normal bed that doesn’t rotate, thus doesn’t help the people who take care of them at all. They have to go through the traditional exhausting process that involves manually turning them, which is inconvenient due to several reasons. The main reason is that sometimes the patient body is heavy and hard to rotate (especially if a woman is responsible for moving the patient). In addition, the rotation after every two or three hours means that someone should be there every two or three hours to do the process, even at night times. 

Smart bed rotates automatically every three hours, to prevent ulcers & allow blood circulation. The bed is controlled by a tablet & Android Application that gives the patient’s family or medical staff live broadcast to the patient’s status and ability to rotate him via App.

The bed also includes an automated bathroom as well