Tito Light

Project 1-01 – TITO Light

TITO light is about a customizable fragmented light that can be applied to every home, restaurant, office and outdoor public spaces due to its versatility. It has the ability to change from a bedside lamp into a complete outdoor light installation. The way each fragment is designed allows for a creation of infinite organic shapes ranging in sizes which leave the user with his imagination to bring his creations to life. TITO light source, in particular, has been generally the same in most cases whether it be homes, offices, restaurants etc. The surrounding sheathe for the light has been morphed into several beautiful and practical covers yet the light in and of itself has stood unchanged. That was a clear indication of a place to start. The goal is to impact the design industry and initiate big changes by providing a small jump start. TITO light taps into the imagination of the user, It acts as a creative vent that will increase productivity in the targeted markets and change the atmosphere in all proposed areas. Overall positive effect on the user and spectators mind.