Nikon: Learn Photography, Lighting & Applications

Nikon: Learn Photography, Applications & Applications

Another interesting half a day workshop AUIC has organized and hosted at Ajman University was a Learn Photography, Lighting, Applications on Product & Architecture:  with Nikon Middle East and GrandStores on 21 of September.

The interesting twist was that half the attendees were from dentistry department, including doctors, photography has become one of the major requirements for dentist experts to learn all about root cannel, oral surgeries, Dentures, Pulpotomy, Apicoectomy, extractions, maxillofacial surgery, in fact photography has become one of the first steps for dentists and students are paying a deasible amount to receive training and learning about photographies, however this workshop was free and open to the public, which attracted students from different universities coming from all over UAE among AU current students and AU graduates.

The Speakers were Mr. Pradeep from Nikon Middle East, who is a world photographer and traveler, concept filmmaker, Nikon school educator and a famous instagramer find out more about his passionate work at

The second speaker was Mr. Gabriel from Grand Store, who is professional instructor and a Nikon school trainer, who performed a demo and interactive session with Nikon’s top of the edge cameras instructing and eductating the audience how to maximize the benefits of their cameras regardless of brand and mastering the techniques of artistic, detailed and top of the arts photography.

GrandStores also offered a discount to all AU students and staff on Nikon products receiving an incredible discounts to eager passionate photographers.

Anyone can receive it with AU student / staff ID’s at

Nikon Middle East has offered to take AU students to a live photography session, as well as Ajman University Innovation Center are arranging a second workshop due to high demand from past audience, staff and external connections.

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