The Innovation Club


The Innovation Club 

Here are some privileges of being a member of TIC

  • AUIC will pay for your membership in Toastmasters, the international organization for public speaking, along books & Toastmaster certificates (November project at AUIC)

  • Free access to The Assembly Labs (3D Printing labs, Laser Technology & MAC)
  • Priority for seat reservation in AUIC international organizations workshops, (upcoming: Nikon, Adobe & Google) September – October
  • Events & Field trips
  • Certifications per achievement / event attendance / organizing  
  • Mind Cloud Academy Entrepreneurship & Innovation Diploma discount at AUIC (Spring Break)
  • Join AUIC trip to Korea / Korea Innovation Center
  • New privileges will be added this year among AUIC joining organizations  


Details of the Club

  • The club will be for females & males
  • The club is only for AU students, AU graduates are accepted, all majors are accepted
  • Meetings & arrangements are bi-monthly at AUIC, Sheikh Zayed Building
  • The club will empower your CV with networking, membership, certifications, public speaking & CV building workshops
  • The club meeting will have idea/suggestions meetings & voting, where members suggest their wishes, passions, ideas, whether have a professional host us music instruments learning workshop or going to Harry Potter Film concert
  • There is no club meeting without pizza


Important details

  • There are limited seats, not everyone will be accepted into the club but the ones who take things seriously & appreciate time management
  • There will be a members card/card badge, please write your full name correctly


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